Friday, January 1, 2010

Last Years Resolutions

Took a look at my posting from New Years Eve a year ago. My resolutions/goals were
1. Sew up at least 3 PIGS (I know I accomplished that)
2. Piece 1/2 backings (I continue to piece MORE than half of my backings)
3. Piecing backing before putting the quilt tops away (totally bombed out on this one, I don't think I did that maybe but once all year)
4. Finish at least 2 UFOs. (I think at last count I completed 11 UFOs last year. Now some of them were just table runners but glad to see them done).
5. Buy less fabric so notice a dent in stash. (I guess that is a yes. I don't know if I purchased a whole lot less but I only purchased when I needed something for a specific project. I just didn't purchase for "someday" and add lots to my stash)
6. Quilt at least 15 charity quilt tops and piece at least 3 (I quilted a total of 23 quilt tops and pieced about 6 so far exceeded this goal).
7. Do at least 1 project using 2 1/2 strips as the bin was overflowing. (I did at least 2 Christmas quilts using the 2 1/2 strips but the bin is STILL overflowing).

For 2010 - less specifics, just more general goals.

1. Continue to get rid of PIGS. Either make them up, return the fabric to stash for use on other projects or give them away.

2. Finish/give away a few more projects from my old old old UFO listing.

3. Continue to quilt as many charity quilts as I can between customer quilts and my own quilts and to not feel guilty if I tell someone NO. Each quilter has their own personal charity of choice and I don't have the time to do quilts for each of those. I will continue to primarily quilt hospice quilts but will do an occasional one for other causes.

4. Seriously work on using up or giving away scraps, strips and orphan blocks that just add to a messy quilt room.

Hope everyone has a happy healthy 2010.

Do you realize it is TEN YEARS AGO that we were all worried about Y2K?



Alycia said...

Go Kathy!!!

Eileen said...

#3 is not an easy one. Lead the way for all of us.