Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I find that I miss blogging and reading all the blogs that I used to.  I never seem to have time to blog at home and that is where all my pictures seem to be of projects I am working on for the shop and craft shows so have nothing really to share. 

Most things I think of to blog about have to do with the shop, then I stop and think maybe not.  If I have a bad, depressing or frustrating day in the shop I really don't think I should share it. 

This town has a few interesting characters the wander in from time to time.  There is one lady that comes in every 3 or 4 months, looks at everything in the store and says how nice everything is but that I won't be able to say in business because of the bad location and then leaves, never even buying a spool of thread.  Wonder why she keeps coming back?

There are a couple of others that come in and tell me everything wrong with the shop and everything I should do differently.  A lot of it isn't even in my control as it is landlord issues and others are nice ideas if you have unlimited funding. 

Luckily 99% of my customers are nice, friendly and easy to deal with. 

Have now been in business going on close to a year.  There are so many issues, expenses, etc. that we had no clue of going in.  If we had to do it over again would we?  I really can't say for sure.  One day the answer would be yes and the next would be no depending on how the business is doing that week.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day

Well all the schools in this area are closed down and all we are having is rain!!!  Ok, we were suppose to get snow but so far just lots of rain and high wind.  

I wouldn't care as Mandy is off at college so the local schools don't concern me but... today was my day time guild meeting and they cancel if the schools are closed for weather.  Bummer....  I take the first wednesday off every month from the shop to go to that.  Still have the day off as I scheduled others to work but had to redo my plans.  

I did get a couple of errands run getting soaked in the process and quilted a small customer quilt on the frame.  

With two hand surgeries in two years, plus just not having the time with  now owning a quilt shop I only do very small customer quilts that are no rush.   I find that doing a couple of those a month, shop samples and a couple things of my own is all my time and hands can handle.  

It is nice to not have anything else that I HAVE to do today.  Maybe I will take a nap!!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Quilts of kindness

Can't believe I have not posted on here for so many months!!  Between the shop we purchased practically a year ago, home, a daughter in college and trying to keep up with a shop blog I just have not had the time and just kind of forgot about this blog.

Mandy is doing well at college making the Dean's list for her first semester.  She has harder classes this semester but I am sure she is still doing well as she has really learned time management this year.  

My hubby retired the end of the year and enjoyed that for about a month and then went back to work part time.  With 20 hours a week part time work, working some at the shop and cleaning/oiling sewing machines he is definitely busy.

After the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school I started an effort through the shop to collect 26 what I have termed Quilts of Kindness in memory and honor of the 26 killed that day at the school.  So far through staff, customers and friends we have collected 19 quilts.  Once we hit 26 they will be split up and donated to our local Hospice House, Veteran's home and kids quilts to both Project Linus and our local hospital.

Here are a few of the quilts.  Most recent is a string quilt started many months ago but just finished.

and here is a cute little quilt that will go to Project Linus.

Here is a really nice hidden 9-patch quilt.  

All the quilts we have received have had great workmanship on them and I am sure will be a pleasure and comfort to the people receiving them.