Monday, March 4, 2013

Quilts of kindness

Can't believe I have not posted on here for so many months!!  Between the shop we purchased practically a year ago, home, a daughter in college and trying to keep up with a shop blog I just have not had the time and just kind of forgot about this blog.

Mandy is doing well at college making the Dean's list for her first semester.  She has harder classes this semester but I am sure she is still doing well as she has really learned time management this year.  

My hubby retired the end of the year and enjoyed that for about a month and then went back to work part time.  With 20 hours a week part time work, working some at the shop and cleaning/oiling sewing machines he is definitely busy.

After the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school I started an effort through the shop to collect 26 what I have termed Quilts of Kindness in memory and honor of the 26 killed that day at the school.  So far through staff, customers and friends we have collected 19 quilts.  Once we hit 26 they will be split up and donated to our local Hospice House, Veteran's home and kids quilts to both Project Linus and our local hospital.

Here are a few of the quilts.  Most recent is a string quilt started many months ago but just finished.

and here is a cute little quilt that will go to Project Linus.

Here is a really nice hidden 9-patch quilt.  

All the quilts we have received have had great workmanship on them and I am sure will be a pleasure and comfort to the people receiving them.


Betty said...

Welcome back Kathie, missed seeing you on the Blogger. Your string quilt is very nice. Strings quilts are so easy and they are so beautiful. I have another to add to your list of Quilts of kindness.

Lori said...

Glad to see you're back. How come retirement is busier than working??!!