Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh My Gosh

I went to one of my guild meetings today and a one of the members donated a whole box of mostly batik fabric for charity quilts. The colors and fabrics are so pretty I am just having a great time looking at all of them.

The guild is going to use part of the fabric to make twin sized quilts for a local shelter that is requesting quilts. The rest of the fabric will be used for hospice quilts.

All sorts of ideas are going through my head. I am going to settle on 2 or 3 different ideas and hope that my other guild will use its next "sew in" day to cut and put together kits for members to take home and sew up.



CaffeinatedChristianCrafter said...

I'm drooling! Poor you, having to work with all those lovely colors ;o)

rcp said...

Lucky you! They are beautiful!

Pat said...

Oh, what beautiful batiks! Love those blues and purples! What beautiful quilts will come of such a great donation!

Helen in the UK said...

How wonderful to have all those pretty fabrics to play with. Good luck with your efforts to turn them into beautiful quilts :)