Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Second Charity Quilt

Well I am definitely on a roll. I am trying to average quilting 1 to 2 charity quilts a month and here is my second one for January. This was a little Quilts for Kids quilt made by Penny. Love the fabrics in this and she did a great job of sewing it together. I quilted this yesterday afternoon after finishing up a couple of small panel pictures for a customer.

I really enjoyed yesterday and was glad school was back in session. I love my daughter dearly but you know teenagers, I seem to have spent all her Christmas break hauling her from one place to the next. Also with everyone up and moving early I get a whole lot more done.

I think I need to get back to setting weekly goals to keep myself focused. I use them more as reminders to myself than HAVE TO lists. My goals for the next few days

Keep plugging away on my Monet quilt
Quilt small customer quilt
Baste (on the frame) queen size raffle quilt for my sewing group

I think that is enough. I would like to add do a little more organizing in the quilt room and pull out patterns and pick out the next project or two to do to start on next years craft show items but I need to stay focused on the monet quilt.

I was getting tired last night of piecing all the mini 9 patch blocks so think today I will switch gears and piece some of the alternating blocks that have a little larger pieces.



Eileen said...

Cute quilt. Some child will love it.

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean by doctors appointments. I'd say your family has had their fair share! But my, you really get a lot done on your quilts.