Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Stash Report Week 2

Well it is only week 2 of the sunday stash reporting but I have already adjusted how I am going to report "used" fabric. I found that it is to hard to figure how much fabric I have sewn into something unless I am putting together a backing or something like that. So I estimated how much fabric I have cut and started piecing for the Monet quilt I am working on and that will be my report for this week.

Used this week: 4 yds
Used YTD: 6 yds
Added this week: 0
Added YTD: 1.5
Net Used for 2010 4.5 yds

To bad I could't add all the fabric that I have been cutting the last two days for kits to make hospice quilts but since this is all donated fabric I didn't add or subtract from my stash.



Amy said...

Kathie - you have been busy getting all of the kits put together. What a wonderful way to put those fabrics to use. I'm sure they will be much appreciated.

Tamera said...

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

KathySWFL said...

Keep up the good work. The Hospice quilts will be much appreciated.