Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yesterday's Runners

I wanted to post a picture of the two runners I made up yesterday. They are the same as the runner I made on sunday but with the lighter floral fabric has a whole different look.

I have another customer quilt half loaded on the frame so getting that quilted, grocery shopping and a couple of chores around the house are what is on the agenda today.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about charity quilting. At our last guild meeting the one lady mentioned that the local hospital would like to have some teen appropriate quilts to keep in ER for any auto accidents involving teens. Great idea and I would like to make one up but with the stack of hospice quilts I have that need quilting I need to put my charity quilting time towards that, not making new quilts. I would also like to make at least one QOV type of quilt before the guild delivers to them in the fall.

I think to be able to do a charity quilt from start to finish once in awhile and to not get burned out on the quilting I need to work harder at trying to get some other people to quilt some of the quilts and probably start to say no to quilting any charity quilts other than the hospice ones.

I had made a personal goal of quilting two charity/freebie quilts a month. That would give me time to do customer quilts, craft show things (both of these is where my income comes from) and an occasional charity quilt. With the number of quilts that have been coming in (a great number) I have been trying to average way over that.

I so hate to say no but guess I will have to pull back to the two a month and only for hospice at least until the end of the year.


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kwiltnkats said...

I think your decision is a fair one. When I was a guild chairperson for Project Linus I'm guilty of trying to load up the long arm quilters with quilts. It is easy for those who don't quilt to let another finish. Don't know if your place is large enough or you can get your retreat place for a day; have a sit in and just have everyone do very easy quilting, diagonal lines work just fine.