Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Left Overs

I was going to put all the fabrics away from making the panel quilt on sunday but there was only a small piece of the black/red floral left. I thought why go ahead and put that small amount away to get lost so I went ahead and made up a table runner. I would have liked to have enough of the floral to border it in that but the black from my stash worked fine. I like this, I might just keep it for myself.

I definitely need to get the hubby to reload the photo editing software that was on our computer so I can cut out all the excess "stuff" around the edges of my pictures.

I quilted up two of my Christmas Tree runners this morning so now have 4 of the 8 quilted, and one of them bound. Now after a little book work and a couple of phone calls I will go load the next customer project which is small but will be a challenge as it is applique and I usually do an all over design and not used to having to go around applique.

In fact I turned down a quilting job last night. It was a beautiful quilt that had blocks that were partially done in crayon and partially embroidered. I told her that I couldn't do it justice and that she needed a lot fancier quilting than I could do and suggested a couple of people that she could contact. I like the type of quilting I do, freehand, all over designs. It is fun to do and great for people on a budget but some jobs just are not something I should tackle.



Quilting: My Way said...

I like the table runner. Some of best are ones done with scraps that are too small to make anything of significant size too large to toss or turn into strings. Just like you, I like doing freehand and overall designs so I too have turned down some quilting jobs an referred people to other quilters. Funny how that actually helps to build up my client list. lol

kwiltnkats said...

Hard as it is...it is okay to say no. Now if I only practiced what I preach!

Eileen said...

You will have some lovely things to sell at your craft fairs. I love those crayon things but wonder how they would be after lots of washings.