Friday, August 27, 2010

On the Frame

This is what I had on my frame yesterday. It was my converging chevrons Christmas quilt that will be for the craft shows and maybe my entry at the county fair next month.

I had it finished, off the frame and trimmed up by the end of the afternoon and I liked the way it turned out. Now to just get binding made and I will have a hand stitching job for a few evenings next week. I will take another picture once it is totally done.

I usually do customer jobs in the ordered received but I received three small customer quilt jobs all on the same day so will be heading downstairs shortly to get going on one of them. I believe one of them is going to be quilted in gold and since that is the thread currently on the machine I guess I will do that one first.



kwiltnkats said...

I like the quilting on your chevrons project. Do you do all your stitching free hand? Anxious to see it finished. I'm binding right now too. I have the sleeve to put down on Kupkake and it will be in the mail to Morgan. I still have the hand work for Flip Flops, but I do like to bind. I don't think it is one of your sewing enjoyments...
Definitely take advantage of having the right color thread on your machine. The smaller quilts go fast too.

Kathie said...

Yes I do all my quilting free hand. On this quilt I did a scalloped triple tear drop in gold thread.

I would like to learn how to do pantos some day but what I really like to do is the free hand.

I keep as busy as I want with customer, charity and craft show quilts doing it my way.