Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charity Quilting Assistance

Another lady in my guild agreed to take two of the hospice tops to quilt and last night at a board meeting another lady popped up and offered to quilt one. I was getting overloaded and overwelmed with the number of tops I had. I quilt 2 or 3 a month and probably had at least 6 months worth if I didn't get any more tops in. I would like to see a lot of these quilts finished and donated and NOT sitting in my basement so I was very happy about it. I also want to keep encouraging people in the guild to make quilts as there are so many organizations that can use them.

I also gathered up 10 1/2 squares and made two backing kits and took those to the meeting and both of them were taken to be pieced. I will try and make up a couple more and take them to our meeting next monday as probably half of the quilt tops I have do not have backings. I don't mind making up one once in a while but it takes time and I would rather use my charity time getting them quilted.

Having a little discomfort in my knee (arthritis) today so I don't know how much quilting I will do. I have loaded the backing (large) for the next customer quilt this morning and put a border on the last of my 8 Christmas Tree runners. I will at least get the quilt fully loaded and then see how the knee is doing before I start to quilt.



kwiltnkats said...

Kathie you seem to have problems with your knee often :(. Sorry to hear. Have you seen the rolling stool that works with the long arm machines? I know several long arm quilters and at least one of them who have this stool. Don't know if you'd feel comfortable sitting while you quilt though. Hope you get quilting help, volunteers are special and the quilting end of the project always ends up being the hardest to have done.

Kathie said...

I have seen the stools but don't know if I would like that or not. Yea have knee problems but lots better since I had a series of injections. I just know to pace myself and if they protest to much I just do something else that day. It all gets done eventually.