Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is the first of my Christmas Tree runners totally finished. I decorated them the other day with the crystals. I have two more with bindings done waiting for crystals but I was out of a couple of colors so have them on order.

If anyone is interested on where I get my crystals from a company called Sue's Sparklers. I don't have the website handy but I am sure you can google it. They were a vendor at the Houston Quilt Show when I went there many years ago and I have been ordering from them ever since.

My daughter survived the first day of school, has at least one friend in most of her classes and several people she knows have her same lunch hour so all is good!!

She had homework the first night but at least it was only one subject so didn't take her that long.

Today I have several errands to run and then I am going to quilt up my converging chevrons Christmas quilt that I have on the frame and then I will be back to doing customer quilts for a few days.



betty said...

The table runnner is lovely, I take one! It won't be long and we at the fair.

betty said...

comment wrong, left out a few words, lol sorry.
The table runner is lovely, I will take one! It won't be long and we will be at the fair.

Margie said...

Kathie when I was at the quilt show in Long Beach Calif I bought some stuff from Sue. I told her I have a friend in Maryland who buys from her all the time. She smiled and said "really? how nice"