Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starting a new year

Well my daughter left for the beginning of her junior high school year this morning. You know that teenagers can be "high maintenence" so I am sure I will be getting so much more done and on my schedule now but I will still miss the company and our summer once a week lunches out.

Have you seen the commercial on TV where the guy hands the keys to the car to a little girl and then she is actually a teenager? Some days like today I still see her as that little girl walking off to the bus on her first day of school. I better not tell her or I will probably get OH MOM and a few eye rolls.

This isn't a very good picture but it is the prep work I have been doing for making some craft show runners. I made the cream center panels, fussy cut poinsettias (they will have crystals as the flower centers) and yesterday cut border and binding fabric for each one. I have five of them lined up and ready to go.



Ron said...

Kids grow up so quickly! Teenage girls can be tough to handle sometimes, but keep a good communication with them and you will be able to see through those hard times! Best of luck!
The runners look great, by the way.

debbie said...

You're doing a great job as a mom, and I'm sure you'll miss your lunches out, but what wonderful memories you both will have to share when she is older. I love that commercial...except the part that my mom still treats me like that, lol.

kwiltnkats said...

I thought we were near in years. Fun hearing about your daughter. A coworker just started her daughter in K-garden yesterday, taking you back a bit? Never had the experience of children, but do love to hear what's going on with my nieces and nephew along with all my friends kids. My middle niece started college at VCU this year, now that's moving you forward :)
I like your runners too; adding the crystals gives a nice sparkle. I've used them on two quilts and hope to do it again sometime.