Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - August 22, 2010

I didn't get much sewing in this week with being out of town for four days but I did finish making my Christmas blocks before we left and that used up some additional fabric and I also started cutting out a quilt yesterday which used some more.

Everyone reports their stash as used in different ways. Some when it is initially cut and others when it is completed.

I find it much easier to count it as out of my stash once I start cutting it into a "kit". Don't you love to have kits cut and just waiting to sew?

I did purchase some fabric this week but it was more white on white as I was very low on that and one color that I need for a Christmas gift so not bad.

My current stats are:

Fabric Used this week: 5 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 170 yards
Fabric Purchased this week: 4 yards
Fabric purchased YTD: 110.25
Net Fabric Used in 2010: 59.75

How did you do this week?



Tamera said...

Doing great! Before you know it, you will have busted 100 yards!

Mary-Kay said...

Great stash job! The only thing about counting it once it's kitted up is when you start sewing those kits, you're not busting much fabric. I do it the same as you. Once it's cut, it's not in the stash any more.

Vicky said...

I count mine the same way. It's off the shelves; it's busted! You're doing great!

Lori said...

Great job onbusting over a 100. I count mine once it is done. Either way it is busted. (Like Mary-Kay say once kitted and counted your not busting. But if you wait till the end same thing, no stash busting to till the last stitch.)

SpinningStar said...

I concur on once it is cut, it is busted. I haven't tried kitting anything, but I do have small sub-stashes of fabric that go together but I just don't have the design in mind.


kwiltnkats said...

I was wondering about why I'd not seen any mid week posts.... Hope your "out of town" was fun. I'm a stash reporter once the project is finished. Funny that you brought that up because that's what I mentioned this week in my blog LOL! Hey, do we go to zero on 1/1/11? You might already remember that I too am a "kitter", so much easier to have something to work on right at your finger tips. Plus it gives you something to work on in front of the TV when we sit...with our companions!