Thursday, April 29, 2010

Step 2 for the Workshop

This is a soldier quilt that I quilted for Betty the other day. I really like the way she put this together. I played a little with the quilting on this. Instead of stitch in the ditch I used a wavy line, meandered in the solid squares and put a design (a la Pam Clarke’s methods of no marking) in the pieced squares. It took me so much longer than just an overall freehand design but I wanted the practice and I like the results.

This picture is Step 2 for my tessellating pinwheel workshop next month. We had to join all 49 squares together and then put a border on it that will become the background? Still wondering about all this.

Today I need to get errands run and get the house ready for a teenage sleep over tonight as they have no school tomorrow. I don't know if sewing will fit in the agenda anywhere but hope to get a seam done on some backing fabric and get that on the frame.



Alycia said...

Very Nice Soldier quilt. I wonder how the borders will become the background too - I guess we will stay tuned ;-)

Mary said...

I've quilted a couple of these tessellating quilts that tamera donated to HeartStrings and always got a lot of questions about them so hunted up a place online that sold the ruler to refer people to.

Lori said...

parent taxi--I remember those days.