Monday, April 19, 2010

Design Wall Monday 4-19-2010

Well the same old blocks are back up on the design wall. After debating about whether to use gold or black cornerstones I decided on I just sewed a few together to make sure I like it and that it definitely what I am going to go with.

Yesterday I quilted this soldier quilt (split decision pattern) for delivery next month. I made a committment to myself to make two for the delivery and this is the second one quilted. A friend is binding the first one for me so just have to bind this one and then make labels for both of them and I will be done ahead of schedule.

I was in kind of a lazy mood last week even though I ended up getting a lot done but feel I need some goals for myself this week. So.............

1. Quilt two customer quilts (the first goes on the frame today)
2. I had so many positive comments about our making up kits out of donated fabric that I want to cut out at least one more kit this week.
3. Get the binding on the split decision quilt
4. Quilt up several craft show table runners
and 5. continue to put the sashing and corner stones on the Christmas 4 patch quilt.

Hope you have a wonderful week.



Gari said...

Impressive goals. I needed that to get me going again. thanks

Quilter Kathy said...

Great split decision quilt! I have made one large one and 2 the block!

Linda said...

Oh yeah! The red is definitely the right choice. And I love that Split Decision. Oh my!! One more on my list....

Margie said...

Kathie I also like your choice of Red. You are good. That split decision quilt is awesome. As someone else said something to add to my list. Great work.