Friday, April 16, 2010

Favorite Blogs

I love to read blogs and see what projects everyone is working on. I belong to a blog ring as part of the Heartstrings quilt group and try to take a peak once a week or so to see what everyone is up to. There are also several other blogs I love to read but some weeks I have little time to sit at the computer and get up to date.

I thought that I would mention my favorite blogs that I try and read if I really have the time or not. This is Judy L's blog. She has written a couple of quilt books and teaches quilting and conducts lectures. I love her blog from the patterns and recipes to the funny stories about her husband and also their pets (chickens). Mary Johnson's blog always inspires me. She is the founder of the Heartstrings group and she does more charity quilting than any two people. She also has lots of patterns for use and gets us motivated with special projects. Is Bonnie Hunter's blog. She is a very popular quilt teacher and has written two books on scrap quilting. I was lucky enough to take a class from her 2 or 3 years ago.

and lastly is Alycia is VERY heavy into Quilts of Valor and delivers them in person to the base. She has inspired people from all over the country to make and donate hundreds of QOV quilts every year.

I applaud all of ladies for not only their entertaining blogs but for all the charity work they all do.


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Mary said...

I'm always pleased to hear that the instructions I post are helpful.

I have limited time to read blogs these days too but I like the same ones and try to visit them often. I also try to get around the heartstrings ring once a week.