Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Retreat Day 1

Had a great day with the ladies. Lots of yacking, goodies to eat and I actually got a fair amount accomplished. I pieced together a backing out of 10 1/2 squares for my tumbler quilt and I also got about half the strips sets sewn for a kids warm wishes quilt.

I was going to work on a quilt on the frame when I got home but just wasn't in the mood. I did get a binding sewn on my fish quilt. I have worked out a deal with a friend of mine. She is going to do some of my binding hand work for awhile since I am having difficulty doing it with my trigger finger and in return I will do some quilting for her. Sounds like a win win for both of us.

Day 2 of the retreat is tomorrow. Once it is over I will try to take pictures of what I accomplished over the two days.


1 comment:

kwiltnkats said...

Hey...I'll accept that deal too! Send your binding to San Diego :) Sandi