Wednesday, March 2, 2011

and the number is..................#1

The number one was drawn in Judy L's UFO challenge yesterday for the month of March.

This is my number one UFO.

This is the oldest of all my UFOs and definitely has a story.

I started quilting in the fall of 1998. During 1999 I decided that I wanted to try and applique. I had an upcoming business trip to Taiwan and needed something to do on the LONG plane trip (back when needles etc. were not a no no).

I did applique several pieces on the plane and also decided that applique is not for me. I did finish all the blocks though and decided to try something else new. I was going to hand quilt this.

Well after quilting parts of a couple of the blocks I decided that hand work just wasn't for me so this was folded up and put on my shelf. I would get it out maybe once a year and look at it and right back it went on the shelf.

So for this challenge I decided I would finally get this done. I took all the pins out last month and removed all the hand quilting that was on it to get ready for whatever month #1 was called.

Now I need to decide if I am just going to quilt, bind it and put a hanging sleeve on it to use for a wall hanging or add a couple of borders and make it into a lap quilt, any suggestions?



kwiltnkats said...

This one does have quite the story behind it. What's it 13 years worth of waiting? Give it something really special, but leave it small I think. After all that time did you keep any of the original fabrics? How about a small scalloped border, they aren't too hard really... I'd keep it in a soft color, but not white. Why not echo quilt the applique and a simple texture design for the rest. There must be a small spot where a bit of spring is needed in your home! It's always good to try different techniques to find what you really enjoy doing. Sandi

Margie said...

it is really cute Kathie. Leave it small and use it as a wall hanging