Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mid Week Update

I did get my Christmas Ribbons quilt quilted yesterday. Here it is just off the frame.

I got it trimmed up and binding sewn on also and hand stitched down one side of the binding last night. Tonight is American Idol night so will probably get another side or two stitched.

I have lots of errands to do this morning. Trying to combine errands as much as possible with the cost of gas. Gas stations here were at $3.45 on monday, don't know what they will be today.

I will be quilting a small customer wall hanging when I get home and at least get the next customer quilt (lap quilt) loaded and hopefully get that one quilted also.

I am slowly working on the floral strippy charity quilt and once that top is done I am going to spend my piecing time getting some backings ready to go. I need a backing for UFO #1, a Christmas quilt and a Patriotic tumblers quilt plus the bright mini tumblers quilt top I finished the other day. I might break down and use one of my Joann's coupons on some wide backing for one of them but intend on piecing the rest of the backs. Takes a lot of extra time but I like the look of a pieced backing plus it sure does use up some of that stash.



betty said...

Kathie, your Christmas quilt is very nice. You sure have a lot of projects going on, I don't think you will ever be without something to do. lol

kwiltnkats said...

It's great to show those pieced backings in the "USED" category on Sundays....Sandi

Mary said...

I love it! I'm going to have to make another one of these myself...I wonder what fabrics I'll use?

Lori said...

wide backs are easy but agree, the pieced ones really can use the stash. How's the thumb??

Helen in the UK said...

We are paying £6 per gallon in the UK, which I think is equivalent to over $9 per gallon! REALLY makes you think twice about whether a trip is necessary :)