Friday, May 27, 2011

This Week

The last few days I have been working on completing enough split decision red/white and blue blocks to make a quilt top. I made one of these more than a year ago and the remaining blocks and strips have just been sitting. I figured since it was mostly cut out and is also a UFO that this would be one of my projects while my hand heals.

I now have all 42 blocks made. Here are the first few laid out on the design wall.

Do you have anything planned for this holiday weekend? The daughter has several social things going on this week but the hubby and I don't. We are going to take the opportunity for a date night and go out to dinner tonight but the rest of the weekend will be pretty much the usual unless we stop and get some paint tonight.

I would love to start painting the master bathroom. When we moved in this house 11 months ago the painting was fairly fresh but pretty much nothing was colors we liked (master bathroom is a weird gold). We have been SLOWLY repainting everything. I say we but it has been mainly the DH with a little help from the daughter. I am one of these people that totally suck at painting. I can tape things off and paint trim but if I roll a wall it ends up having to be redone. I was thinking since I can't long arm for awhile longer that I might tackle the bathroom. At least there is no carpet in there for me to ruin with paint.



betty said...

hard to beleive that is has been 11 months ago, wow, where does the time go???? Nice red, white, and blue quilt.

Quilting: My Way said...

Really like the quilt.