Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last Couple of Days

Last couple of days have been pretty busy. Successfully got the stitches out of my hand. Nice they are not pulling anymore but still have steri strips on the area, will be glad when they all fall off.

I also got Mandy successfully enrolled up at the community college to take her Freshman college english that also takes care of her high school graduation requirement for senior english. With two english classes and being able to get credit for calculus she is going to take at the high school next year she will graduate high school already having 10 college credits, cool. Saves us some $$ since these classes are half price as part of a dual enrollment program.

On the quilting side I started my newest project. I cut like a million small tumblers out of various christmas fabrics a few weeks ago and I have started making those into table runners for fall craft shows. Will probably be showing a picture of that tomorrow as part of my sunday stash report.


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Eileen said...

Great news on the college classes. Very smart.