Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Stash Report - May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and grandmoms!!!!

I had a busy week so didn't use up much fabric but on the good side I didn't have time to go to any fabric stores either so made a little progress in the right direction.

Fabric used this week: 2.25 yards pre-cut for table runners
Fabric used YTD: 108.5 yards
Fabric purchased this week: 0
Fabric purchased YTD: 86.5 yards
NET fabric used in 2011: 22 yards

22 yards is not a lot considering that it is already May but I am fine with that since I am trying to use up older fabrics and "refresh" my stash.

I am sure my report next week will be zero purchased and zero used as I am having my hand surgery tomorrow. Since it is not scheduled till afternoon I should be able to post my design wall monday posting before we leave unless I am TOTALLY cranky from no coffee or anything to eat tomorrow. Don't you hate that!!



Connie said...

I think 22 yds reduction is great - particularly as much as you've used so far this year.
Good luck with your surgery.

betty said...

Kathie, you will be in my prayers, hope all goes well and you will have a speedy recovery. Call me if you need something.

Tiffaney said...

Prayers for everything going well during the surgery and a speedy recovery.

Vicky said...

Good luck on your surgery! Will keep you in good thoughts!

Melanie said...

I think your numbers are great! Here's hoping for a quick recovery so you can get right back into sewing! Take care!

Alycia said...

22 yards is great! Except that when I get cranky I buy stuff - so heres to a great surgery and no crankies, and no hunger pains!!

Lori said...

"refresh" the stash--exactly how I think of it.