Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to Quilting

Well I can't quilt quilts yet but have managed to do some table runners the last couple of days. Got the frame set one notch higher than I usually start with. I can quilt one runner then roll the backing and do one more. Since there is so small amount of fabric and batting it is easy to roll and doesn't task my hand.

I know I won't be ready to do any quilts for the next couple of weeks at least but nice that I can get some of my craft show runners quilted.

I quilted these two patriotic ones yesterday.

and quilted these two fall runners this afternoon.

I also found, ironed and loaded some backing fabric on the frame to quilt up two more tomorrow. Since I am only quilting a couple at a time I am having good luck so far at least finding pieces of fabric big enough for backings.

I am still working on piecing the rest of the tumbler runners together. I think I will probably end up with about 5 of them. The last two (pictures later) I have fused poinsettias on the ends of the runners.

Another HOT day today, was nice to spend the afternoon in the basement.


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