Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Stash Report - May 22, 2011

Wow May is practically gone, next weekend is Memorial Day weekend!!!

I did use fabric this week. More than the numbers show but some of the things I worked on the fabric had already been counted previously.

Fabric used this week: 6.25 yards (backing, charity quilt and runner)
Fabric used YTD: 114.75 yards
Fabric purchased this week: 4 yards for backing
Fabric purchased YTD: 90.5 yards
Net fabric used in 2011: 24.25 yards

Not much of an increase in my net but every little bit helps.

This was yesterdays project. I had cut out all the tumblers awhile back using the small tumbler Accuquilt GO die and have been working on sewing them together. Added the white at the end of the runners and then fused the holly on. I think that once this is quilted and a red binding added all the way around the white section will look more like it belongs.

Will be sunny and warm in Maryland today so guess I need to spend part of my morning outside pulling weeds, not one of my favorite things to do.



debbie said...

trade you weed pulling for quilting!

katie z. said...

I like it, and I can see that the white will look great.

kwiltnkats said...

The holly looks great...don't you just love the peppermint candy fabric! Sandi

krisgray said...

Very cute - love the holly!

Janet O. said...

What a pretty little table runner. I've never seen the tumbler pattern used this way and I like it!