Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Lots of time on this blog I call my darling daughter kid or kiddo. A friend of mine asked me when I was going to quit calling her that, after all she is 17 years old now?

I guess maybe it is time. After all she keeps reminding me that once the seniors leave the middle of next week she will be a senior! Nothing like rushing it as she won't actually be a senior till August.

We are also going up to the community college tomorrow night for an orientation and registration session. She is going to be dually enrolled next year in both high school and college. She will be taking college english and getting credit there and also credit for her senior english requirement at the high school. I think this is a great program. We only have to pay half the usual price for the class and it will give her a little taste of what is expected out of a college class.

So even though she will always be my baby (she hates it when I say that), guess it is time to quit calling her THE KID.



Tiffaney said...

My daughter is turning 21 next week - I still refer to her and her BF as "the kids." I am sure I will still do that when she is 50.

Quilting: My Way said...

I tried to change my son's name from Jon Boy to Jon Man, but it did not stick. He said it did not sound right and would rather go back. He is 33. lol

debbie said...

I think it was about 2 years ago I quit calling Sterling's friends "Sterling and his little friends", lol. He's 25. I guess we all get there in our own time.

betty said...

I guess it all boils down to, what Mandy wants to be called???? Glad to hear that your stitches will be coming out. I like the cats in your warm wishes.