Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Again

Right now I am pretty busy on customer quilts so have not had much time to work on my own projects. I decided no matter how busy I am that I am going to take some time every day to work on other things.

Yesterday I decided to spend a few minutes working on hospice quilts. I had a top that was donated probably a year ago and I had not quilted it yet since it did not have a backing ready. Fabric was donated with it but I had not got around to piecing the back. So thats what I did yesterday, I measured the fabric, cut it and sewed the one seam that was needed. Not a big deal but now it can be stacked with the other hospice quilts waiting to be quilted.

Today I plan on spending at least an hour working on craft show items.

10 Minute Challenge

My 10 minutes a day quilt room cleaning time has been used ironing and putting away fabric and other items that I purchased at the quilt show on saturday. Of course that isn't making much forward progress but at least it is helping the quilting room to not get more cluttered.


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