Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - September 12, 2010

I had a great week with stash busting. I bought some Christmas fabric but used up a lot more than I brought in the house. I used fabric to back several table runners, made a backing for a Christmas quilt and did a few other small projects, not bad.

My stats for the week:

Fabric Used: 9.75 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 194.50
Fabric Purchased: 4 yards
Fabric Purchased YTD: 118.75
Net fabric used in 2010: 75.75

I better enjoy the good numbers this week because I know they won't look so good next week unless I sew like crazy all week and don't have time to do that as I have several customer quilts to work on. Next saturday I am taking a guild bus trip to a big quilt show in PA. Since it is over two years since I went to my last quilt show (Machine Quilting Expo in New Hampshire) I am sure I will be coming home with fabric.


As to my 10 minute challenge to spend 10 minutes a day cleaning up my sewing room I have been doing well. I have my cutting table and sewing table both cleaned off and this morning I used my 10 minutes (ok more like 20) to measure all my left over batting pieces, label and fold them up. Some of the pieces will be perfect to use on runners, one is the perfect size to use on a customer wall hanging and several are about the same length and can be zig zagged together for the next charity quilt.

Anyone else cleaned today?



SpinningStar said...

Cleaned today? Not yet, but the 10minute a day is not a bad idea. I do need to clean up a closet that's in my quilt room. I am totally disorganized with quilt batting and have pieces all over the place.

Thanks for the idea!


Tamera said...

I straightened up a little yesterday. Ten minutes a day would be good.

Kare said...

Have you seen the new iron on tape to be used to join pieces of batting together? I have not used it, but have a roll of it on order! I am going to give your 10 minute routine a try - there is not a flat surface within my quilt room that is not piled high with stuff . . .

kwiltnkats said...

The key is to not let your sewing room get to needing the 10 Minute Challenge! For those who need it what a great idea. I do have my Oreck sitting in front of my sewing room door this morning. Got to get all the threads up off the floor from Krimson Khat. Have fun at the PA quilt show. I'm looking forward to the SD quilt show that's this week too. Hopefully I won't find too much to tempt me!

Julie said...

I like the 10 minute a day idea. I'm cleaning my sewing room one yard at a time, but if I took the 10 minutes to neaten it, it would surely help. Great idea for the closets, too. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

Yup! I did some cleaning today too. I've been working through a tub of batting scraps just as you have...20 minutes or so each time I go to my sewing room. It's my "warm-up" before I start on the day's project. It works great, doesn't it!

Quiltsmiles said...

It's amazing what can be accomplished in 10 minutes a day. Good for you. You mentioned a bus trip through your guild. Could you belong to CVQG of Northern NY? Jane

Quiltsmiles said...

Hi Kathie, I see you live in Md so I know you aren't in my guild. We have a bus going to PA too. But , I am not on it this year. Have fun! Jane

Penny said...

Your quilt show sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you have a great time. Your numbers are great. Way to use that stash. Nope, no cleaning today. My sewing room stays pretty clean. Now about the rest of the house....not so much.