Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 Minute Challenge Status

I have made some good progress cleaning up, now if I can keep it that way. I spent my 10 minutes a couple of times on my sewing desk and it has gone from a total mess to where I actually have room to sew without moving a bunch of stuff first. The pile on the left contained some fabric scraps, a couple of patterns and other misc. items.


and this is after

I quilted a small customer quilt yesterday afternoon. So that is it on the customer stuff till monday. I try and do craft show, charity or just something I want to do if I quilt on the weekend other than during Christmas rush season when I am doing customer quilts most of the time.

I sewed two pieces of fabric together yesterday to have a nice huge backing. I am hoping to be able to quilt 5 table runners on it one after another this weekend. I am at least going to get the backing fabric loaded today but I am trying to get all the house hold chores done today plus doing a lot of running my daughter to social/school functions today.


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