Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mid Week Update

Do you have a Habitat Humanity Restore place in your area? We have one close to us and it is my husband's favorite place to look for treasures. He made the mistake of taking me with him last weekend and I had to have this porch swing. Reminds me of sitting in a swing at my grandparents house when I was a little kid.

Of course we spent over half an hour taking it apart to get it in the van but it is real nice and relaxing to sit on and now that we are starting to have cooler weather I will be able to enjoy our screened deck.

Several people commented after I mentioned that my hubby sews. For many years he did upholstery (auto and home) as a sideline so he had industrial sewing machines. That led him into being interested in vintage sewing machines, mainly Singer ones. He collected, traded, fixed up and sold many of those including several featherweights. When he would get a new one running he would sew a project on it to make sure it was working right.

He doesn't LOVE sewing like I do but when it comes to making curtains, tote bags or things like he is much better than I am, I stick to my quilting.

As for my sewing this week so far I quilted a couple of customer quilts in the last few days, quilted two of my table runners and last night I made a backing (only a couple of seams) for a Christmas quilt.

Today I intend on working on craft show items and then tomorrow will be back to customer quilts.


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Quilting: My Way said...

First I have to comment on the swing and the porch. Love mine too! You are very productive and seem to plan out your quilting projects better than I do. I know my deadlines, so things get done, but there always seems to be a new pet project I slip in when I probably need to be doing customer quilts. My turn arounds are timely, but could be quicker. Point is, I love piecing, too!