Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mid Week Update

I have been managing to keep up on my customer quilts but life has seemed to have been getting in the way of any time to work on charity quilts or my own projects. Spent all day sunday at the mall looking for homecoming dresses and a big portion of monday at the allergy doctor where my daughter had to get allergy testing done.

The doc said she was allergic to so much stuff we should build a bubble around her. Do you think I can QUILT that?

Yesterday I was trying to play catch up some things so this picture is the total amount of sewing I have found time for in the last few days. This is the October block of the month for quilt guild so I decided I could at least get that much done. I do hope I win this batch of blocks. I like that it has a framing around it that way, since swap blocks are never all the same size, they can easily be trimmed up.

Another small quilt on the frame for today but after that I am going to take a break and spend a few hours on sewing/quilting one of my projects.

As for the 10 MINUTE CHALLENGE on cleaning. Well needless to say that "life" has got in the way of that also. I did pick up for a few minutes this morning so hopefully will be back on track with that also.


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Quilting: My Way said...

Life has a way of getting us distracted. I have been pretty faithful with the 10 minute challenge in my studio, but we had a strings cutting, sorting, and kitting party last week, and my family room still has signs of it. Good thing my husband has been traveling. l0l