Monday, September 20, 2010

Design Wall Monday - September 20, 2010

Well for the first time I have NOTHING to show on my design wall. The only sewing I have done on my own projects this last week was yesterday when I spent the afternoon putting bindings on the 5 table runners I had quilted the week before.

Not very fun or interesting and nothing on the design wall but some bits of thread that I really need to clean off.

I do have several pictures from the Pennsylvania National quilt show on saturday. These are not necessary any that won any ribbons, just ones I found interesting for various reasons.

This first one I liked because it looks 3D, like the design is coming out of the fabric. Can you imagine doing all these points!!!

This second quilt looked like an oriental rug from a distance. This was all made with 1/2 inch (finished) squares. I would be locked in a rubber room before I completed the first rose. It was beautiful

The third one I liked because of all the color gradation, doesn't it look like a Ginny Beyer pattern?

The next quilt was my favorite of the show. The applique was wonderful, the quilting the best and if you really look at it you can see that each section represents a different season.

And lastly I took a picture of this one because it looks just like a table runner pattern that I have made several times. Never thought to keep adding to it and making a quilt.

Hope you have enjoyed this mini quilt show.



Sally Hamilton said...

Aren't quilt shows inspirational?! The 3rd photo, that is a variation of the log cabin and is usually done using foundation paper piecing. It's spectacular.

Diane said...

love looking at those stunning quilts! thanks for sharing~

CJ said...

Oh wow thanks for sharing these, I absolutely LOVE that first quilt! And the rest of them too!

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing :)

betty said...

The quilts are lovely, can't wait for show and tell, and see which ones you have finished. I am glad that you sent the photos.

AnnieO said...

Quilt shows are the best! Nothing like seeing a quilt "live". That last one with the braids almost looks like it has big spiders in the center block. Thanks for the photos.

Barb in Mi said...

Beautiful pictures from the show! As far as empty design walls: you finished some projects - that's worth even more in my books!!

Myra said...

Gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing!

Teaquilts said...

You picked some awesome quilts from the show to share. That's must be one great quilt show!

simonepatch said...

Lindos teus trabalhos.Parabens!!