Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve and Resolutions

What are you going to be doing this New Years?

I will be spending some time with my family as we don't have plans to go anywhere and hopefully spending a lot of time quilting. Tonight my daughter is having friends spend the night so my husband and I will probably stay downstairs out of the way in the sewing room.

I have completed my New Years resolution list or at least my "hope to accomplish" list for 2009. Have you done yours?

2009 Resolutions

1.Sew up at least 3 PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) during 2009, some of these I have had for YEARS.
2.Continue to piece at least half of my backings using 10 ½ squares.
3.When I finish a quilt top select fabric for a backing and piece before putting the top away. (I know I won't do this all the time but would be happy if I did this SOMETIMES. I think I would get more done in the long run.)
4.Finish two more UFOs left from 2007 UFO list
5.Buy less fabric than I use so that I can see a dent in my stash.
6.Charity quilting in 2008, I pieced 3 charity quilt tops and quilted 15 tops. I hope in 2009 to do at least the same amount, hopefully a couple more.
7.Do at least one project using up 2 ½ strips as that bin is overflowing.

For non quilt related resolutions.

1.Buy only when I need something (quilt related and not)
2.De-clutter, De-junk or whatever you want to call it my entire house. One drawer or one closet at a time I want to start tossing/donating things we don't use or need.

Have a great day and stay safe tonight, I am glad we won't be going out anywhere.


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