Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love Quilt

I was going to put this as part of my last post but decided it deserved an entry all on its own. Everyone knows that there are certain times, certain people and certain circumstances where you just HAVE to drop everything else and pitch in to do something for someone else.

A lady in my quilt guild teaches several young students (11 - 13 years old) how to quilt. One of them came to her a few days ago and told her that a girls she knows, only 12 years old, had just been diagnosed with acute cancer and that she wanted to make her a quilt to comfort her during her long expected stay in Children's Hospital. Everyone's heart goes out to a young child struggling with something that no child should have to go through.

The quilt grew into a mini community effort. The fabric was picked out with the assistance of the quilting teacher, one girl was the primary person but a couple of other young girls assisted her with some of the sewing and the quilt teacher with some of the cutting. One girls mom took all the fabric to prewash, another lady contributed money for fabric and last night I quilted it. All this happened in less than a week and the quilt will be ready to be picked up and bound later today and hopefully delivered to the hospital later this week.

I wanted to show the lovely work that 3 11-13 year olds accomplished in such a short time and that giving of your time and hearts can start at an early age.

I quilted the quilt with a bright king tut thread call Joseph's Coat (of many colors) and I thought the title was kind of appropriate as so many peoples efforts were "patched" together into this quilt, the quilt that love made.



Deb in AZ said...

Wonderfull project! The girls did a great job and such pretty fabric. Your quilting was icing on the cake, made it all come together.
Thanks for sharing, enjoyed reading your quilty blog.

Alycia said...

Kathie - that is so wonderful! THanks for sharing the story!! Hugs to all the girls.

Roma said...

Beautiful, just beautiful..
The girls will never forget this!!!

Helen in the UK said...

What a wonderful project that brought members of the community together! The quilt looks great - bright and cheerful. I'm sure the young lady who receives it will be very appreciative of the love and good wishes that has gone into making it. Congrats to all involved :)