Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Weekend

Every day I have said to myself that I should blog but have either been to busy with holiday and other things or just couldn't think of anything to say or have any pictures to post. Now all of a sudden it seems like I have several things to show and to talk about.

First I wanted to post a picture of a recent customer quilt I quilted. I just wanted to show how nice a totally scrap quilt comes out when there is just a little pre-planning. She didn't plan the colors but just made sure that there was nothing really dark or really bright in the quilt and it came out great. I really should follow her example and make better use of all my smaller pieces like she did with this framed 4 patch.

Second photo is getting ready to go to a sew-in our guild has once a month at our local library. I love sewing in their big conference room. You can either do the project of the day which was a bag yesterday, work on charity quilts or just do your own thing. I had all the pieces cut for a Christmas quilt (for next year) so took that with me and made good progress. Its not in the picture here but I carry the project back in forth in a plastic 9 x 13 cake carrier. I think it was Bonnie Hunter that posted about that on her site and I ran out and purchased a couple. They are so great to organize all your pieces in.

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