Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I really really hate shots

I have always been "needle terrified" for as long as I can remember. Usually after getting a shot or having blood taken I have to lay down for a couple of minutes as I get light headed.

Well a new experience this morning, had to have a shot in my foot (heel area) at the foot doctor. That was definitely not pleasent but not as bad as I had myself worked up for. By the time he gave me the shot I thought I was going to get sick just from the anticipation.

I am definitely a chicken, but glad it is over and it wasn't near as bad as the shots I had to have in my hand or the ones in my knees a couple of years go.

Sewed a couple of seams today but thats it. Just not in the mood for some reason so managed to get a few errands run and chores around the house. Hopefully maybe I can get a binding worked on or something this evening.



kwiltnkats said...

What? Not in the mood to sew? How can that be? You haven't had the right kinds of "shots" (wink) Sandi

Lori said...

shots require recovery time! Its been too hot to sew, reading and napping are better suited. LOTS of napping!