Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Week So Far

I flipped my quilt over to take this picture so it didn't clash with this bed runner. I quilted this yesterday for a customer. It measures appx. 34 x 88. I think it is a very cute idea. I could really picture a fall one, Christmas, maybe spring etc. if you wanted to change your bedding with the seasons but didn't want to make all those quilts.

I am taking a lot long to quilt with frequent breaks to not stress my hand but was nice to get a customer quilt accomplished.

I didn't work on my horse quilt yesterday, with extra time after the runner was quilted I made bindings and machine sewed them on two table runners of mine including my UFO of the month.

Have not seen much of my daughter this summer break from school yet. A friend of hers that moved to Florida a year ago is visiting for a week and four girls have been rotating between houses and spending all their time together. Our turn was saturday night. You ever TRY to sleep with 4 noisy 17 year olds in the house???? Doesn't work.


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