Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday - June 13, 2011

Thanks for all the good wishes with my rotten headache yesterday. It did finally ease off and I was able to do things around the house. My daughter had the same headache last night so maybe it had to do with air pressure changes or something like that.

With that huge FQ bundle I made two baby quilts last week. This is the main one and is still on my design wall.

The one I posted yesterday was made with the left over 9 blocks that I didn't include in this one.

This is going to be a busy week. Quilt guild tonight. This is our yearly silent auction so hope I don't do to much damage to my stash report but I do have a list of a few colors of fabric I will pick up if I see.

Tomorrow is catch up on some things, wednesday we start college tours and thursday I go to the dentist to get a crown, ouch both pain and $$$$ for that.

Kathie L.


Gari said...

Your life sounds as busy as mine. Your baby quilt is lovely. I had one made with a charm pack that sat around here, waiting for a baby, but got snached up by DH for a student in his class. Guess I better get another one made to have on hand.

Bonnie said...

Nice baby quilt... I need to go backwards on your blog to see the other one. YUCK on the crown. Think of all the nice new fabric that crown would buy! (well, maybe don't think of it... depressing!) I think I'm going to take your idea of coming up with a list of fabric colors I'll give myself permission to buy at NQA -- I come home with all sorts of stuff otherwise! Have fun with the college visits...

AnnieO said...

I love that pattern! Very sweet baby quilt. Have fun at the guild meeting. I can't seem to stop buying fabric either!

Kate said...

Hope you didn't do too much damage at the auction. The blue border is really cute. I like the contrast with the pink. The blue reminds me of blue bird eggs.