Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am a worry wart, in fact I am 4th generation worry wart so this morning was kind of hard. My step-daughter from my first marriage had to have back surgery today. Since she lives in North Carolina I couldn't just run by the hospital, just sat worrying. Luckily she had one of her friends give me a call a short while ago to let me know that surgery had gone well and that she was doing ok.

To many things have been happening in her life all at the same time. I sure hope that once recovered from her surgery that things will start going a little better for her.



kwiltnkats said...

Somtimes it just seem when it rains it pours. My SIL could use a break too. Glad to hear your SD did well with her surgery. Sandi

Lori said...

I will send you a chunk off my "worry rock". Remember pet rocks? We always teased my mother she had a pet rock--only her's was a "worry rock". We said she would be worrying and carrying that rock with her and stroking it!

Now that she's gone--that worry rock has broke up and I KNOW one of my sister's and I both got a chunk!

So stroke the rock and don't worry about feeding it.......!!