Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silent Auction and Hospice Quilt

Last night was our quilt guild yearly silent auction. There was tons of stuff but I was a little disappointed that 3/4 of the fabric was home dec type of fabric that I have no use for. Several ladies were scooping it up to make bags etc. so great for them.

My only purchase of the evening was the group of John Deer fabrics. Should be able to make a cute little boys quilt out of these.

I did come home with a donated hospice quilt top, a backing someone made and didn't use, a quilt job for when my hand is able and a completed hospice quilt.

Eileen made this hospice quilt out of donated pillow panels. Isn't this a creative use of them?

Thanks Eileen, she donates more quilts than most of the rest of us put together. I still think she just must never sleep!!!


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betty said...

Sorry there wasn't more fabric for you to choose from for charity quitls. Having a great time in San Diego. Chat with ya soon! Betty