Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Warm Wishes

The warm wishes fish quilt (Gone Fishing) is all done and hopefully will be going to the recipient today if his wife makes it into work.

I have made this quilt multiple times and love the pattern. This was a great combined effort by my DH and myself.

We only had maybe half an inch of snow last night but schools are delayed for two hours because of ice/sleet under the snow. I would rather them be safe than sorry and let it clear off before all the buses and kids driving get out on the roads.

Two hour delay does mess with my scheduled. There are things I don't want to start yet to let her take advantage and sleep in and I also don't want to be all the way int he basement quilting when it is time to get her up.

My first quilt of the day is only a baby quilt so it won't take long to do once I get going on it.



Mary said...

Very nice Kathie. I used this pattern years ago to make a small Chrismas quilt for my Mom and she always has it displayed/used on her sofa during the holidays.

kwiltnkats said...

I sure was surprised when Mom mentioned the possiblity of snow for your area last night. She's not comfortable when it comes to driving in snow, so she's probably home sewing instead of a few hours working like she ususally does on Tuesdays. I'm sure by now you've got that baby quilt done!

betty said...

Warm Wishes is a great quilt, and you and your husband did a great job on finishing it up. I made it to work this morning, for 3 1/2 hours. Having sewing machine problems. @#$% it.......