Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Stash Report - February 6, 2011

I have to admit that this was a stash enhancement week not a stash reduction week. I quilted four customer quilts this week, went to my day time guild meeting and spent some time trying to organize my quilt room (more later) so didn't have much time to work on my projects.

Yesterday I went by our local quilt shop. Yesterday you could draw a number from a basket and get that much of a discount on your entire purchase. I pulled the 45% off coupon!!! So in addition to the quilt magazine I went for I purchased a piece of black fabric I needed (you know how hard it is to find a NICE black fabric) and then saw this cute pastel kitten fabric, too cute. Anyway some of that yardage and panel prints followed me home also.

Stats for the week:

Fabric used: 5 yards (making backings)
Fabric used YTD: 41 yards
Fabric purchased: 8 yards
Fabric purchased YTD: 32.5
Net fabric used in 2011: 8.5 yards

You know how something can kind of bother you for a long time and then you "hit the wall" and can't stand it anymore? Well that was my quilt room the other day.

I had got several customer quilts dropped off all in one day, several quilts done waiting for pick up, my projects everywhere and about 4 bins of charity fabric in the middle of everything.

I received a donation of a whole box of fabric to make charity quilts wednesday that were mostly batiks, beautiful.

I was to the point I couldn't work because there was so much STUFF everywhere.

I spent my time instead of sewing the last couple of days trying to get all the customer stuff put away, my projects more organized (scraps put away etc.) and trying to organize the charity fabric.

I need to get some of the charity fabric and batting out of here so I have more room so am starting to get some kits cut to give out at guild and need to take the time to zig zag some batting together to give out to people that have volunteered to do some of the quilting.

My 10 minutes a day of trying to straighten my sewing room works to a point to keep thread put away, leftover fabric back on the shelf etc. but that doesn't make a dent when you have so many things going at once.



Barb in Mi said...

I hear you on the sewing area clean up. Have to follow your example NOW or real soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

katie z. said...

Sounds like you're awfully busy!

Jo said...

I know what you mean about keeping the sewing room clean. I have been doing pretty good but I have shirts here to cut up for a Bonnie Hunter Shirttails quilt...I'll be at that for awhile.

Penny said...

I think you showed considerable restraint with a 45% off coupon in hand. That is amazing.

Kate said...

Hard to resist 45% off. Even with that you managed stay in the black.

I get the sewing room organization. I finally realized that my stash storage isn't working for me and I need to fix that.

kwiltnkats said...

weren't you lucky a 45% off the entire purchase or was it just one item? YIPPEE! The donations can easily get unruly...usually they come that way. I am partial to black kona cotton but Michael Miller makes a darker black if you can fathom that. We have a quilt shop in the area that often times puts a certain color on sale. You get an even bigger discount if you purchase the last of the bolt. I've not had to purchase black for awhile now!

Alycia said...

Sounds like you made good progress on getting organized.