Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Stash Report - February 13, 2011

I purchased fabric on friday for a quicky Warm Wishes quilt that my DH and I are making. A Co-worker's husband is very ill, his favorite thing to do is fish so we went and purchased fish fabric on friday. Yesterday I made the blocks and Ed started sewing them into rows and then I started getting the rows sewn together. Nice we can be a team on this.

Stats for the week are:

Fabric used this week: 8.5 yards (mostly on the warm wishes quilt)
Fabric used YTD: 49.5 yards
Fabric purchased this week: 6
Fabric purchased YTD: 38.5
Net used in 2011: 11 yards

I am thinking about re-thinking my stash reduction goals for this year. My goal last year was to downsize by 100 yards which I did hit, just barely. I am finding that so much of my stash is like 1/2 to 3/4 yard sizes which are hard to use up except in scrap quilts and I am finding I don't have many blenders etc. I might switch my goal to just staying in the black with the amount used/vs. purchased but concentrate more on using up old old fabric and replacing with blenders and nice "go with" fabrics.

My only sewing for the rest of the week was getting this backing completed for my Christmas ribbons quilt.

Another co-work of my DH asked if I would make them a quilted seat cover. I didn't have time so Ed went ahead and made the cover and I quilted it. I was calling the DH a ONE BLOCK WONDER. He can do very accurate piecing if he wants to but is never interested in making more than one block as he says that is boring!! Didn't he do a great job.



Tamera said...

Wow! He should do sampler quilts then, lol.

Jo said...

WOW...he did do a great job. I can't imagine my hubby sewing. It would take away from his TV watching time.

Vicky said...

You thoughts on your older fabrics are good ones. Will be watching how you handle this. Love the quilts! Hubby did a fantastic job! said...

Your husband is so clever and creative! It's wonderful that you can share your hobby together. I wish I could get my husband interested in quilting. He does give good opinions on fabric choices, though! :) Take care, Dianne B. in England

betty said...

Kathie, Ed did a great job. I agree with another persons comment. He should be making a sample quilt, he has great talent..

Tiffaney said...

I can't imagine my guy pitching in with projects. At least he is supportive.

Your guy does great work.

Barb in Mi said...

What a great sewing team you are! Beautiful job!

katie z. said...

I almost wrote that I wish my DH sewed with me... but I don't. I'm glad you work together!

Bonnie said...

I find your comments about the state of your stash echoing my own concerns regarding the state of my stash. I went a bit wild buying in January but I am still trying to find what to use to make a 55" square backing. And, not have it be pink flowers or really cheap, cheesy fabric. So, having just read your blog I am resonating with the idea of use up the old and replace with the new. But, 100 yards of fabrics used in a year! You go girl.

Lori said...

great job on the seat cover!

Stash reports help you rotate out older fabric and replace it will new.

Having a sewing partner would be wonderful.