Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Progress

Two more customer quilts done (one yesterday and one today). During breaks I have got my Christmas quilt backing into rows and a couple of the rows sewn together.

I also got border fabrics cut and made up two charity quilt kits with the flower panels I had.

Feel good about the accomplishments of the week.

Still having problems with my thumb so finally broke down and made a doctors appointment for monday. I am afraid it might be dislocated as it is causing pain and sometimes popping when I bend it (not pleasent). Wonder what they do if it is dislocated? Sure can't have a split or anything that would get in the way of my quilting.

Guess maybe i should get a couple extra quilts done this week just in case I have to rest the hand for a few days.


1 comment:

kwiltnkats said...

Hope your thumb is okay. Don't remember hearing you say how it happened. So nice getting things marked off the "to do" list!