Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Veteran's Home Quilts

When we delivered quilts in May to hospice house they hinted that they would like some patriotic quilts to provide to hospice patients at the local Veteran's home. I received two additional ones on monday night.

The first one was made and quilted by Eileen. Didn't she make a great use of the center panel?

The second quilt was made by Betty and quilted by myself. Not sure what they blocks are called but love the look of them.

I will wait until I receive two or three more of the ones for the veteran's home and will then make a trip to deliver them.

My mom has been gone over three years now but I am finding out what patience she must have had teaching me to drive. I remember fighting her all the way and getting very insulted every time she correct me. I am getting it all back from daughter and then some, who said teaching someone to drive was fun?

Kids don't understand why parents are a nervous wreck when they start to drive. Not only is it the possibility of putting a few dents in the car but the possibility of so much worse when they get out on the road.

Last night a young girl, only a year older than my daughter was killed not far from here when a car rear ended her and knocked her into oncoming traffic. Mandy didn't know her but knew some of the girls friends. Maybe she will understand why learning to drive is great if you are a kid, the independence etc. but how also it is terrifying for their parents.



joven said...

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joven said...
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joven said...
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Nad said...

I found you through Heart Strings - yahoo. I love the 2 quilts, especially since my dad was a vet of WWII.

About the daughter learning to drive. I could never teach my own kids, especially after showing oldest son how to drive in my car. He was parked and ready to pull out, he put it in "R" and started to go, I'm having heart failure. I said no, not "R" - "D". He though "R" was for RUN...

He's 40 now and has figured out how to shift!!!

Mary said...

These look great Kathie.

Sheila said...

What a great use of the panel! The other quilt is such a cute pattern.

Kids don't realize that even though we *may* trust them behind the wheel, it's always the other driver you need to be more aware of, even as adults. Just last week, a student driver out for a lesson was killed here by an errant driver. So sad. I hope she takes a phone-free pledge in the car.