Monday, July 19, 2010


Don't you hate to have to have repairs done? Not only is it expensive but then when you make an appointment they give you a window, say 12 to 4 that you have to be at your house.

A week and a half ago our freezer went out. We called repair people and they came out the next day, cool, right? Well they were to be there between 1 and 5. Ok he got here at about 4:50 after being lost. Annoying yes but hey it was before 5:00.

Satisfaction lasted about 10 minutes till he told us what was wrong with it and that he didn't have the parts on the truck. We would have to order the parts and then make another appointment to wait around.

Parts came and then took another week to get an appointment. He was to be here today between noon and 4:00 and got here at 6:30. Ok, traffic happens, jobs take longer etc.

Then he had the never to ask why we had not unplugged the frig (our only one) a couple of days ago to have all the frost gone. Now the three us all say the same thing, he NEVER told us to do that. He acts all ticked off and put out that it was not done and oh by the way it will cost an additional $27 for him to do it.

Well DO IT anyway. We have lived without a freezer for two weeks and I am not doing it anymore. If we didn't have to pay for the parts up front and part of his labor I would have just told him to leave and go by a new frig/freezer!!


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debbie said...

He would definately go on my list of "Never Call Again"! and all my Friend's lists too! Sorry you had so much trouble.