Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Frame

Well this isn't really what is currently on the frame but was earlier this week. It is a large customer wall hanging that I quilted. Still don't have improved lighting in the quilting room so in this picture the colors don't look that good but it is actually very pretty.

Started quilting the queen quilt yesterday, only got about 3 feet done after some initial troubles. I will work a couple of hours on it this morning and will then be spending most of the day doing things with my daughter.

I do get a lot more done when school is in session but in a couple of years she will be off to college so need to enjoy this time now.



Quilting: My Way said...

Recognize this fabric--Think it is Lake Resort or something like that. Love the fabric! What design did you use to quilt it? Understand about getting more done when school is in session, but I don't even have children at home, so maybe for me it is summer vs. everything else. lol

betty said...

Kathie,I have been leaving comments on your blog, but I wasn't doing it right. Sandra walked me through the process, and all along I thought you were getting them lol.....