Saturday, July 10, 2010

1/2 squares

You can do so many cool patterns with half square triangles, just like log cabin blocks or shaded 9 patch blocks. I played with 4 different settings for my Christmas quilt and ended up selecting this one. If I remember correctly the setting is called converging chevrons. I started with 5 inch squares of Christmas fabrics and various whites and made 120 half squares.

I hope to get some of this pieced together this weekend (just pinned on the design wall now) but with behind the wheel drivers ed for my daughter I need to take her to and STILL working on the old house my sewing time is very limited.

Only good thing is where I have to take her for drivers ed this morning is only like two miles from our local quilt shop. I have not been in there for a couple of months so since I need to do something to kill the hour and a half time I am going to stop in there. I want to see if they have any pretty Christmas fabric in. That is one thing I am always in the market for with doing fall craft shows. I have tons of Christmas fabrics and am able to make probably 50 scrap quilts, runners etc. but I never seem to have enough of any one fabric for borders.



Quilting: My Way said...

I love the quilt you layed out. I hated making 1/2 square triangles until I started making them with squares and triming to size. I don't like to lose my points!

Margie said...

love it Kathie. You make me want to make 1/2 sq triangles

Mary said...

I love half square triangle quilts.. There's so much you can do with them.

Helen in the UK said...

Hope you do get a little time to sew. Enjoy your trip to the LQS, it's always fun to look for new fabrics. I have a 'thing' for spots & dots, have more than enough for several of the quilts I plan to make, but can always find room for a few more :)