Friday, May 28, 2010

Why We Quilt

I have an aunt that lives in eastern Washington State that I am in touch with a few times a year. In fact she is the last of my Dad's generation. I would tell her about my quilting in letters and a few months ago, maybe a year now (I lose track of time) she mentioned she wished she could see some of my quilts.

I had a quilt I made that was soft pinks and purples, just right for an elderly lady. I packed it up and sent it off to her as a surprise. She was so happy and had her picture taken by one of the people at the assisted living facility she lives in.

She told me several times through the months how much she loves it.

Today I got one of those phone calls you don't want. Her daughter, my cousin, called to say that my aunt had a massive stroke and is only expected to last a few days at most. They are bringing her back home from the hospital where she will be comfortable and will have hospice assistance. She wanted to me to know that the quilt is on the bed waiting for my aunt.

I will always remember the summers we visited her when I was a kid, the great cookies she fed me, giving me my first puppy from her dogs litter and that last month on my birthday she was still remembering my birthday and sending me a card each and every year.

I can't say that I have remembered her on special occasions as much as I would have if we had not been living 3,000 miles away, but I am so glad I sent that quilt!!!

I love you Aunt Arline.




Quilting: My Way said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt, but what a lovely memory you will have of her enjoying the quilt. That really is why we quilt!

Jeanne said...

Sending hugs your way. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

Lori said...

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, but glad you were able to share a quilt with her, I am sure it meant a lot to her.

debbie said...

It sounds like wonderful memories of a special person, and the making, giving and receiving of that quilt is a wonderful part of it. She knew you truely loved her. Your family is in my prayers.

TiffanyfromMD said...

Aunts have such a sweet spot in our lives, don't they? I'm sorry for your family.

Eileen said...

a good lesson on not waiting too. she got to enjoy it for awhile.