Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just off the Frame

I quilted this small customer quilt for Carol yesterday and just took it off the frame this morning. She is our guilds "scrap queen" and always makes good use of scraps from everyone. I quilted freehand peacock meander on this one.

Next on the frame will be a craft show quilt if I have one with a backing ready, will have to check that out. If I don't I am not going to take the time to piece one today, I will go ahead and do one of the hospice quilts.

It is amazing that it takes the thought of moving to get motivated to do a real "de-junking" of the house. So many things I have started to look at with the "do I love it, do I use it and is it worth moving it" frame of mind. Not that anyone else but us would see the difference yet but I feel like I am making headaway even though I have only been working on the house a couple of hours a day for the last few days.


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Quilting: My Way said...

Being a military spouse, I try to keep that attitude about "love it, use it, lose it" most of the time, but my spouse will tell you that is not true for my quilting studio. Therefore, this year as we are headed for his retirement from the military after 30 years, I declared a fabric buying moratorium. I have bought some fill ins for current projects, but not much for staring anything new. Gives me a whole different frame of reference when making a gift quilt! Good luck on the declutter!