Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene

I am glad that with hurricanes you have plenty of warning to get prepared etc. but then the waiting, knowing it is going to hit but not knowing how bad is hard. I get a little jittery thats for sure.

I doubt I will be on here to do a stash report tomorrow so will include it with next weeks numbers. I have bought nothing this week and have not used a lot (but several things in process) so wouldn't have had a whole lot to report anyway.

I quilted 2 customer quilts and a craft show quilt this week, started cutting squares to make a backing and worked some on my 9 patch blocks so I have accomplished a fair amount.

Going to get my ironing and a couple other things done I want to make sure ang get done before/or if we lose power and then put all my boxes of craft show items up off the floor in the basement. Hopefully water in the basement will not be an issue with this house but you never know.

Everyone take care and stay dry.


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